A mysterious past.

A fire that burns from within.

A man not from around here.

Ari Brookes was having a hell of a day.


The Maker and the Monarch -- Book One: Brookes of Magic


Since the day she washed up on the shores of Heart’s Desire Beach in Tomales Bay, California, Dr. Ari Brookes’ life took a turn towards the fantastic.  

Discovered and adopted at the age of five by Cambian E. Brookes – historian, professor and wizard - she was set on a path where mysteries, magic and the miraculous were par for her course.

That is, until she meets Lucian Drake, venture capitalist and owner of one of the most popular clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She soon discovers that there is more to this man than meets the eye.  

As a powerful attraction develops between them, it becomes apparent that their coming together heralds the start of an adventure that will span worlds and stands to alter the nature of reality itself.

The first in a series of 7 books, The Maker and the Monarch will blow you away with its mix of old myths redefined with new meaning, strange magic, suspense & mystery, romance & passion, and, ultimately, with its savvy smart writing, full of clues to help unlock the secrets of the universe.

H. Quinn Bellwright will be releasing this, her debut novel, with a projected June 2019 release date -- a special sneak peek is now available (start reading now), and bonus chapters of Book Two will be an extra gift to those who purchase the first eBook edition.

Magic, Making and Parkour mix with other dimensions, strange cats and stranger friends-from-not-around-here, in a first novel about which early readers have said: 

"A wonderful story"

"A fantastic debut novel"

"I look forward to the moments in which I can steal away and keep reading"

"I find myself re-reading as I go along, simply because I like the feel of her words in my head"


"I read it for the first time in one sitting."