Characters in Brookes of Magic:

Dr. Ari Brookes, expert in art and antiquities, parkour, and Making; an extraordinary woman with an inexplicable past.

Lucian Drake, a man from not-around-here, proprietor of Iniquity, a nightclub with secrets.

Talaann Dar, lifelong best friend and left-hand man to Lucian; a man not to be fucked with under any circumstance.

Nicodemus Aubrey, Ari's fabulous BFF and spinner of tight jams and tighter computer code.

Corey DiBartolo, flamboyant landscape architect -- one part bear, two parts mother hen, and romantic partner to Nicky.

Silence, a killer for hire with a dark and bloody past, who stalks his prey with the intensity of a white hot sun.

Dr. Cambian Brookes, Ari's doting father -- his choice to set her along a path of Magick & Making seemed a good idea at the time. 

Vizigoth (Vizzy) & Ostrogoth (Ozzy), frequently referred to by the portmanteau "Vozzy", Ari's beloved twin fuzzy-faced hellions whose primary purpose is to completely bring the cute.